Sunday, August 06, 2006


1st year city and guilds exam results finally out!!

After 2 months of waiting anxiously for my 1st year city and guilds exam results, they are finally out!! All of us guys were in class when Miss Adelaine handed us the results. Can say all of our balls shrunk as suddenly everyone went quiet. She first told us the number of students who took the exams (95 students), and then the number who failed. There were about 12 students who needed to sit for one paper or more. At this time everyone went entirely stoned thinking that those 12 students could be anyone of us. And then she called us out one by one to take our slips. My results?? 2 D's and 1 C. Well I think this is the first time I was so happy to see a freaking D printed on my result slip. I got 2 freaking Distinctions and 1 Credit!! Woohoo!! This is a totally different D compared to my add maths in school days. Hahahaha..

And to show off a lil bit (forgive me here because I never ever did well in school and I was always jealous of the nerds, smarty pants and top performers with their resutls) , only 13 students recieved distincitons. 4 students with 2 Distinctions and 9 students with 1 Distinction. So yeap I'm one of the Top 4 students with the results!! Looks like the crazy dumbass monkey can study after all eh?! Oh I also got back my fourth semester results back a day after. Also, Daryl did well in his 1st year Mercedes Benz Apprentice Exam. He got an "A" for his exams as well. He was saying this before the exams, No "A", No Pay!! hahaha

Thats it for my 1st year of the City and Guilds Diploma

Bloody stupid Moral..Spoil my results only!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Jakun tourist down south in singapore

Yeap sorry but this is one hell of a delayed post. This trip was back in July with Chee Kiang, Nadine, Kai Lin and Daryl. Just gonna post pics that I was supposed to post back then. Daryl and Kai Lin kept on asking about my jakun pics so yeap here they are!!

The early morning at McD's Plaza Singapore when we first arrived

The place we stayed at while we were there

The main agenda of the trip was shopping so where else better than Orchard Road right?? Can say we spent the whole day along Orchard Road after we checked in at the hotel. The gang was busy shopping and buying stuff while they were there, but as for me, I didn't buy much. Only bought a Zippo lighter for my dad. Rather cheap I say. Only paid 22 sing dollars for it. Haha and if you are wondering how much of a budget traveller I was, I only changed RM150. S0 thats only about 65 sing dollars!! Hehe can survive for 2 days with even some extra cash left!! I changed about 20 sing dollars with Chee Kiang when we arrived back here.

Jakun pics along Orchard Road

Tiu-lan face with a chipmunk beside!! Hehe

And finally, a future celebrity in Singapore?!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Project Big Brake Upgrade Finally Completed!!

Yeap finally after 3 or 4 months delay and some hiccups, my brake upgrade is finally complete. The brake rotors looks great when the car is stationary thanks to their cross-drilled holes and when on the move, the brakes provide awesome braking power. Most definiately I say. Why?? Because they are taken from a 2 litre turbocharged Mitsubishi Galant and now I'm using them on my 1.3 ride!! Overkill u say?? I don't think so. Bigger is always better!! Wahahaha!!

Before with standard brakes

Now after the upgrade

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